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Can the Jaw Really get Bigger ?

Yes, it can!

The jaw muscle is like any other muscle in your body. If you put it through exercise and feed your body enough nutrients, it will in time grow, just like your pectorals.

Can your tool spot reduce fat ?

No, the tool can not!

We are all different and will lose fat in a different way, because of different practices and metabolism. But you can reduce your body fat with a combination of different things.

Does increased facial blood flow ?


Oxygen and nutrients are delivered to your cells by blood while removing waste products. It is important to have good blood circulation not only for muscles but also for your skin. Good circulation is vital for healthy skin especially your face, by working out with our fitness ball your facial muscles and skin will increase the blood circulation in your face, which will enhance the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your cells.

Tighter and stronger facial skin ?

By doing work out for others muscle like example pectorals, the skin around will tend to get tighter just like your pectorals and will get bigger and stronger with passing day, it happens with your facial muscles too. As the muscle gets larger, the skin that surrounds your face will get tighter and it will result in a healthier and rejuvenate facial look.
Weight loss or building muscle mass always results in. Facial a work out focus on them. Facial muscle tone shouldn’t be overlooked, your jaw muscle help tighten your facial skin and define the jawline.

Increased digestion ?

In some way, Yes!

By working out with our tool, you can actually give your digestive system a boost and help you digest your meals and drinks. In order to improve your digestion, try to do our jaw exercise just before you eat your meal or right after you finish. You help your mouth to create more saliva like that, and as result, you build up the amount of acid that is in your stomach. With this acid, your body can digest your meal much better than it could if you didn’t do the exercise.

Increase your body’s metabolism ?

Chewing, digesting, and transporting food are process that requires energy thereby increasing your metabolism. That natural process influenced by your age, body, weight, and gender. Physical activity also increases your metabolism. Working out with our fitness ball requires jaw movement, so this activity requires energy.
University researchers discover how chewing gum affects metabolism. Ashley Moore, professor of nutrition and food sciences, found that those who chewed sugar-free gum for three for a cop of minutes intervals consumed between 0-70 fewer calories that day and had a percent increase in their metabolism.
So, if chewing gum can change your metabolism, you will be very satisfied with our premium design fitness ball tool.

Reduce the risk of misalignment ?

Not everyone is aware that the muscles of the neck and face, particularly the jaw are prone to daily tension. This is more so in the case of people who carry a heavy load as a routine from their necks and shoulders and those who use computers all day long.
Regular jaw exercise. The jaw joints are used for various functions like talking, chewing, and swallowing. When those joints go out of alignment, dysfunction occurs. When you strengthen your jaw muscles, it helps in relieving the pain associated with this disorder and keeps your jaws stronger and reduces the danger of misalignment.